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Audrey Bodek is a diverse scenic designer who can bring your ideas to life.

In only a few short years of breaking into the scenic design industry, UNCSA graduate Audrey Bodek has designed a variety of sets for Washington, D.C. plays. Audrey approaches every set design project with an open mind and hours of research to create a unique set design, tailored to the specific needs of the production team. Whether you’re directing a local, community theatre play, a production at a University in Washington, D.C., or a major production in an independent theatre, Audrey possess the skills to design intricate and intriguing sets that will leave your audience (and even your performers) in awe!

Design Process

Set Design Process Example Initial Design Process

Initial Set Design Consultation

When you work with Audrey to develop a distinct and detailed set design for your upcoming production, the process begins with the initial consultation. This involves Audrey meeting with the director of the production to discuss the script of the production in addition to their vision for the set design.

Research and Sketching

Following the Initial Set Design Consultation, Audrey will conduct her own research based on what she learned from the director in relation to the script, allowing her to narrow down her inspiration and ideas for the set design of the production. Once the design is narrowed down, Audrey begins putting these ideas to paper by creating a ground plan and sketching a model. Once she has sketched out the model for the production’s set design, she will continue to collaborate with the director, and other production team members who want to be involved. Typically this step takes time, often a few weeks, as she takes the time to understand the play, the vision, and what is required of the set.

Full Drafting Package

Once Audrey and the director of the production decide on the draft of the set design, Audrey will create a full drafting package. This is sent out to a shop or a local theatre’s Technical Director for bidding and budgeting. This step will determine whether or not the design will fit into the production’s budget for set design.

Paint Renderings

Following the approval of the set design for build, Audrey will create Paint Renderings. These are specifically for the Scenic Painter and will show them exactly how the set should look. They use these renderings as references as the set is developed in the theatre.

Final Check-In

Typically Audrey will check in at least once, either in person or via photos, with the production’s set design to ensure the building and painting is going according to her original plan. Sometimes minor changes are required and it is best to make those before the set is loaded into the theatre. Audrey is also available for load-in to ensure the design is followed and to also address any questions that may come in regarding seams, trim heights, or anything else that may come up. All of which contribute to a detailed and stunning scenic design for your upcoming production.