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Audrey Bodek

is an experienced and creative Scenic Designer dedicated to creating unique, engaging, and enthralling sets for live productions in Washington, D.C. and the surrounding area.

Her design process centers around collaborating with the production team and director of the live production so her scenic designs are specifically tailored to the needs of the production.

Audrey considers the production script, director’s vision, how the performers will use the space, the budget, and what the production crew will require from the scenic design for each production.

You will receive a personalized experience with Audrey. Her design process involves meetings, collaborations, and working off of the artistic director or production team to bring your production to life. She provides realistic sketches and scale models for you to see and feel to ensure it authentically captures your vision for the production.

The Experience Defined:

When you work with Audrey Bodek, she begins the design process by speaking with the production’s director and artistic director about the production and specifically about the script. During this stage, she learns what the director’s vision for the upcoming production is and uses that to aid her own research as she narrows down the core ideas for the set design.

During the drafting stage, Audrey begins to sketch and create a groundplan for the production’s set design. This stage can take time because it requires collaboration with the production team. Discussions will begin between Audrey and the director to develop a unique and engaging final set design. During this stage, Audrey may provide a scale model as well as sketches of the set design.

Once the design is created and refined between Audrey and the director / artistic director, she will create a Full Drafting Package. This is then sent out to the specific theatre’s Technical Director for bidding or may be sent out to a shop. This will determine whether or not the set design will fit within the budget of the production. If the set design does not fit in the production budget, Audrey will then make changes to the design and find ways to save on costs.

Finally, when the set design is approved for build, Audrey will create Paint Renderings. These are a great resource for Scenic Painters. They use these renderings to ensure they know exactly how the set should look and they use these resources throughout their process.

At least once, if not more, Audrey will check in, either in person or via photos to the development of the set design. This is to ensure the quality of the build properly reflects the set design – all building and painting is going according to plan. If any minor changes are necessary, they are made during this stage, before the set is loaded into the theatre. She’s also available during Tech Week, rehearsals, previews, and the opening of the production.


Audrey Bodek is a diverse scenic designer who can bring your ideas to life.

Audrey Bodek Scenic Designer Theatre Set Design
Audrey Bodek Scenic Designer Theatre Production Design
Audrey Bodek Scenic Designer Stage Design
Audrey Bodek Scenic Designer Stage Design

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